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Food Microbiology Unit

Head of Department
dr Elżbieta Maćkiw

mgr Łukasz Mąka
mgr Monika Stasiak


  1. Determination and evaluation of microbiological quality of food and consumer articles
  2. Implementation and validation new methods used for testing of the microbiological quality of food,
  3. Detection of staphylococcal enterotoxins in food and determination enterotoxigenic strains of Staphylococcus aureus
  4. Determination of drug resistance of pathogenic strains isolated from food by Laboratories of State Sanitary Inspection in official controls
  5. Studies of the effect of high hydrostatic pressure on survival of microorganisms in different environmental conditions
  6. Sssessment of the efficacy of disinfection agents intended for use in food industry
  7. Opinions on legislative acts such as national and European Union and other international documents in the field of safety of food
  8. Planning and coordination of monitoring in the field of microbiological contamination
  9. Organization of proficiency tests for Laboratories of State Sanitary Inspection
  10. Risk assessment of microbiological contamination of food
  11. Takes part as references laboratory in the field of determination pathogen microorganisms
  12. Training in the field of microbiological methods of food.
  13. Participation in the work of:
    European Commission:
    Working Group on Microbiological Criteria for Foodstuffs
    European Food Safety Authority (EFSA):
    Panel on  Biological Hazards
    European Committee for Standardization (CEN) Technical Committee
    CEN/TC 275
    –   Working Group Microbial Contaminants WG6
    International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee
    ISO/TC 34
    –     Working Group Microbiology SC9

Polish Committee for Standardization – Technical Committees:
–      No. 3 on Microbiology of Food
–      No. 35 on Milk and Milk Products
–      No. 93 on Meat Meat  Products
–      No.287 on Biotechnology