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Laboratory of Department of Food and Consumer Articles Research

Head of Department
dr Jacek Postupolski

Research with accreditation

Laboratory of Department, accredited by Polish Accreditation Center,  is nominated by Ministry of Heath Regulation (Rozporządzenie  Ministra Zdrowia z dnia 26.04.2004, Dz.U. Nr 97 poz. 976 as National Reference Laboratory in area of contaminates in food of plant origin as well as in composed foodstuffs, food additives and foodstuffs for special dietary purposes:

  • mycotoxins,
  • toxic elements,
  • artificial colors,
  • histamine,
  • nitrate and nitrite ,
  • food microbiology ,

and food contact material:

  • global migration,
  • migration of toxic elements,

Participation in the work of European Commission an Council of the European Union working groups of national experts

  • Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health,
  • Working Group of the Council of the European Union on foodstuffs,
  • Expert Committee Working Group on Microbiological Criteria for Foods,
  • Expert Committee Working Group on Agriculture Contaminates,
  • Expert Committee Working Group on Industrial  Contaminates,
  • Expert Committee Working Group on food additives,
  • Expert Committee Working Group o on flavorings,
  • Expert Committee Working Group o on food contact material,
  • Expert – Food Safety Evaluation Team – cooperation with national contact, point on The Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF),

Evaluation of draft national and international legislation concerning food safety, including EU law implementation. Cooperation in Codex Alimentarius Commission including.

  • Methods of analysis and sampling.
  • Food contaminates.
  • food additives.

Participation in works of International and European Standardization Committees:

  • Working Group CEN/TC 275/WG10 Traces elements (haevy metals).
  • ISO/TC 034/SC 09 and CEN/TC 275/WG 06 for microbiological examination.

Participation in works of Polish Committee for Standardization (PKN) – Technical Committees (KTs):

  • KT nr 3 on Food Microbiology,
  • KT Nr 15 ds. maszyn i urządzeń dla przemysłu spożywczego, handlu i gastronomii,
  • KT nr 35 on milk and milk products,
  • KT nr 36 on cereals and cereal products,
  • KT nr 38 on. fruit and vegetables products,
  • KT nr 82 on. on spirits drinks,
  • KT nr 84 on wine-making,
  • KT nr 83 on brewing,
  • KT nr 91 on oils and fats,
  • KT nr 93 on meat and meat products,
  • KT nr 94 on. cukiernictwa i ciastkarstwa,
  • KT nr 92 on. seeds and agriculture products,
  • KT nr 133 on. Packaging,
  • KT nr 229 on. coffee and tee,
  • KT nr 235 on. food analysis,
  • KT nr 237 on child use and care articles and safety on food,
  • KT nr 286 on. Horticulture,
  • KT nr 287 on biotechnology.