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Department of Radiation Protection and Radiobiology Laboratory

Head of Department
Dr Krzysztof Pachocki

Dr Krzysztof Pachocki

Dr Marcin Bekas
Dr Krzysztof Pachocki

Mgr inż. Elżbieta Waśniewska
Dr Marcin Bekas
Mgr inż. Andrzej Magiera
Mgr inż. Dagmara Bogucka
Mgr Kamil Wieprzowski

Research with accreditation

  • Measurments natural radioactivity (K, Ra, Th) with use γ-spectrometry method in the stuffs, buldings materials and industrial waste,
  • Measurments contamination radioactivity in the foods and proofs environmental with use ?-spectrometry method,
  • Tests of quality control X-Ray units in diagnostic radiology,
  • Tests of quality control X-Ray units in dental radiology.