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Unit of Radiation Hygiene

Head of Department
Dr Krzysztof Pachocki

Mgr inż. Elżbieta Waśniewska
Mgr Kamil Wieprzowski
Dr Marcin Bekas
Mgr inż. Andrzej Magiera
Mgr inż. Dagmara Bogucka


  • measurments of radon-222 concentration in air, soil and water,
  • estimaton phisical paremeters X-Ray units and doses for patients,
  • measurments radioactiviti in the proofs environmental, stuffs, buldings materials, industrial waste and foods with use ?-spectrometry method,
  • measurments of radium-226 concentration in water,
  • measurments global alpha and beta in water,
  • estimation distribution, retention and remove proces radiocessum with organism,
  • assays and measurments electromagnetic fields,
  • assays and issues radiation hygiene certificate for X-Ray units.


  1. National Atomic Agency
  2. Chief Sanitary Inspectorate
  3. Central Institute for Labour Protection
  4. Military Institute of Hygiene & Epidemiology
  5. World Health Organization
  6. International Commission on Radiological Protection
  7. European Commission