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Department of Toxicology and Risk Assessment

Head of Department
Prof. dr hab. Jan Krzysztof Ludwicki


Building C/ I st floor; Building D

Contact: Urszula Soliwoda
Phone: 022 54 21 328
Room: C 111

dr Agnieszka Hernik
Dr Katarzyna Czaja
Mgr inż. Wojciech Korcz
mgr Monika Liszewska
Dr Paweł Struciński
dr Katarzyna Urbanek-Olejnik
Dr Bożena Wiadrowska
Dr Monika Łyczewska
mgr inż. Maria Minorczyk


  • Pesticide residues in food: analysis, legislation, MRLs setting, quality assurance, drafting of monitoring and official food control plans.
  • Persistent organohalogen compounds: analysis, toxicology, legislation.
  • Dossiers evaluation (toxicology, residues) for authorization of pesticides.
  • Risk assessment: for MRLs proposals in authorization process, for MRLs violations (RASFF), for operators and bystanders possibly exposed to pesticides.
  • Reference analyses for pesticide residues in food.
  • Risk assessment for biocidal products.
  • Studies on mechanisms non-genotoxic carcinogenesis – cell proliferation, CYPs, DNA methylation, gene expression.
  • Toxicological evaluation of active ingredients in biocidal products.
  • Training courses



  1. Publikacje Zakładu Toksykologii i Oceny Ryzyka (171 downloads)


  1. Polish Centre for Accreditation
  2. Ministry of Health
  3. Chief Sanitary Inspectorate
  4. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development – Home page
  5. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development – Plant protection
  6. The Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products
  7. Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine in Łódź
  8. National Veterinary Research Institute in Puławy
  9. Bureau for Chemical Substances and Preparations
  10. European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
  12. EUROPA – Food Safety
  13. EPA IRIS Database
  14. Compendium of Pesticide Common Names
  15. International Agency for Research on Cancer
  16. EUR-lex – the access to European Union Law
  17. European Chemical Agency
  18. Gateway to European Union
  19. European Commission
  20. EU Pesticides Database