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Activity Services

Field of activity

  1. Pesticide residues and PCBs analysis in food and biological specimens
  2. Maximum Residues Levels (MRLs) setting for plant protection products authorization
  3. Risk assessment concerning consumers exposure to pesticide residues in food
  4. Organizing proficiency trials in pesticide residues analysis in food according to ISO/IEC 42 Guideline
  5. Development of assessment reports concerning evaluations of plant protection products in the scope of toxicology, residues and risk for consumers, operators, etc.
  6. Evaluation of toxicological dossier in the scope of classification, potential harm for man and animals, operator exposure, residues in protected crops, quality of active ingredient
  7. Development of Draft Assessment Reports (DAR) for active substances of plant protection products for the EU Commission
  8. Development and/or evaluation of Safety Data Sheets for chemical preparations
  9. Toxicological evaluation of disinfectants used in medical area
  10. Safety evaluation of some potentially harmful products, e.g. fire extinguishing products, candles, plant care products for home use, etc.

Dr Katarzyna Góralczyk
Dr Bożena Wiadrowska
dr Robert Bańkowski
Prof. dr hab. Jan Krzysztof Ludwicki

Service description

1 Analysis of pesticide residues in food Accredited according to the PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (PCA Certificate No AB 509:

  • food of low and high fat content, GLC method (according to Standards: PN-EN 12393/2000, PN-EN 1528/2000 and Wyd.Metod. PZH 1996)
  • food of plant origin, HPLC method (according to Wyd.Metod. PZH 2002)
  • Specimens of biological origin, fat tissue, milk, GLC (according to Standard PN-EN 1528/2000, Wyd.Metod. PZH 1996, Instruction No I-04/KJ-5.4/LHT/Pest.:2004)

Analyses are performed according to the ‘Quality Management’ documents.

2 MRLs setting Setting of Maximum Residues Levels (MRLs) according to the procedures adopted in the EU for authorisation of plant protection products
3 Risk assessment Risk assessment for consumer exposure to pesticide residues food, according to procedures adopted in the EU
4 Proficiency trials Organisation of proficiency trials for pesticide residues in food commodities according to ISO/IEC 43 Guideline. One round per year. The application form is available.
5 Plant protection products evaluation reports Development of evaluation reports (toxicology, residues, consumers risk) basing on core documentation data provided by the producer including  evaluation of identity and active substance properties.
6 Assessment of documentation submitted for Authorisation of pesticides Evaluation of documentation including proposal for classification of plant protection products (ppp) according to chemical safety law. Development of assessment reports on potential hazards for man and animals resulting from ppp. Operator exposure assessment.
7 Draft Assessment Reports (DAR) Development of Draft Assessment Reports (DAR) for active substances
8 Development and/or evaluation of Safety Data Sheets for chemical preparations Safety Data Sheets are developed/assessed including classification, labelling, safety for man, limitations of use, transportation, packaging, etc., according to legal provisions.
9 Toxicological assessment Toxicological assessment of some biocidal preparations, it includes chemical composition and percentage of harmful substances and range of use.
10 Safety evaluation of some products Safety evaluation of some products, that potentially may pose hazard for man, takes into account chemical composition and range of use.