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Environmental Contaminants and Risk Assessment Unit

Head of the Unit

Paweł Struciński, Ph.D.


Agnieszka Hernik, Ph.D.
Katarzyna Urbanek-Olejnik, Ph.D.
Monika Liszewska, M.Sc.
Monika Łyczewska, Ph.D.


  1. Evaluation of documents related to consumer safety (pesticide residues), toxicology and ecotoxicological risk assessment in frame of plant protection product authorization procedure.
  2. Consumer risk assessment for Maximum Residue Levels exceedances in food for Polish RASFF Contact Point.
  3. Risk assessment for elevated levels of persistent organohalogen compounds in food.
  4. Determination of trace levels of persistent organohalogen contaminants in environmental samples, including human specimen; related exposure assessment and risk characterization.
  5. Evaluation of international legal acts and other documents concerning pesticide residues nad persistent organic pollutants.
  6. Evaluation of safety data sheets of chemical substances and mixtures.
  7. Participation in expert committees and working groups of European Commission related to pesticide residues and persistent organic pollutants in food.