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Laboratory of Medical Entomology and Pest Control

Head of Department



  • Assessment of the efficacy of  chemical insecticides and studies on the applicability of biologically active compounds and pathogens of household pests to reduce their number,
  • Studies on the possibility of transmission of pathogenic bacteria by German cockroaches;
    Studies on use of hormone-like compounds and inhibitors of chitin biosynthesis for the control of cockroaches, domestic flies and Pharaoh ants,
  • In order to improve insect control procedures in the country, the sensitivity of populations of German cockroaches to most commonly used insecticides (pyrethroids, carbamate and organophosphorus insecticides) has been studied,
  • Elaboration  and initiation of the integrated pest management,
  • Testing and giving the opinions on insecticides intended to control pest in public health,
  • The laboratory maintains the culture of insects: domestic flies, German and Oriental cockroaches and Pharaoh ants.