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National Focal Point for the International Health Regulation

Head of Department

Dr n.med. Łukasz Henszel
Lek. med. Janusz Janiec
Lek. wet. Piotr Polański
Mgr Franciszek Radziszewski


  1. Providing continuous contact with WHO Euro IHR Contact Point including communication regarding possible public health threats
  2. Collaboration with national authorities responsible for surveillance and public health response
  3. Consolidation and assessment of information regarding public health threats in Poland
  4. Dissemination of knowledge on International Health Regulations in Poland


  1. WHO main page
  2. WHO International Heath Regulations (2005)
  3. WHO Poland
  4. Ministry of Heath
  5. Chief Sanitarny Inspectorate
  6. Chief Veterinary Inspectorate
  7. Chief Farmaceutical Inspectorate
  8. Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection
  9. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
  10. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention