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Laboratory of Immunopathology of Hepatotropic Viral

Head of Department
prof.dr hab.med Kazimierz Madaliński

Tech Barbara Bartocha
Dr.med. Joanna Cielecka-Kuszyk
Dr Paulina Górska
Mgr Marcin Komorowski
Mgr Paulina Godzik
Mgr Agnieszka Kołakowska



  1. Studies on immune response in chronic hepatitis and extrahepatic effects of infection with hepatitis C;
  2. Optimisation of sensitivity and specificity of diagnostic methods for hepatitis B and C.
  3. Histopathological and immunohistochemical studies on elements of liver tissue / cells damage in course of infection with HBV (D) and HCV hepatotropic viruses
  4. Determination of inflammatory infiltrate in response to pathogens.


  1. Liver biopsy evaluation;
  2. Determination of autoantibodies: antinuclear, anti-smooth muscle, anti-mitochondrial, and anti- liver and kidney microsomal antibodies;
  3. Examination of ultrathin sections in the electron microscope.
  4. Determination of anti-HAV (total and IgM), anti-delta agent (total and IgM) and anti-HCV antibodies;
  5. Determination of HBV serological markers and quantitation of anti-HBs antibodies. Confirmatory anti-HCV RIBA-3 test.
  6. Molecular biology: qualitative and quantitative determination of HBV DNA and HCV RNA.