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Unit of Entero- and Neuroifections

Head of Department
Dr Magdalena Wieczorek

Dr hab. n.med. Włodzimierz Gut, prof. nadzw. NIZP-PZH
Dr n. med. Agata Makówka
Tech. Anna Diuwe


  1. Team of Enteroviruses:
    • Evaluation of the virological situation within the poliomyelitis eradication in Poland
  2. Team of Neuroinfection:;
    • detection and identification of measles virus by classic and molecular techniques (in WHO measles/rubella elimination program)
    • safety control of TBE vaccine
    • analysis of prevalence of TBE and Hantaviruses in Poland



  1. WHO page about programs elimination measles/rubella and poliomyelitis eradication
  2. TBE in Europe