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Unit of Molecular Virology

Head of Department
Dr Agnieszka Trzcińska

Tech. Irena Brodzka
Mgr Barbara Łagosz
mgr Milena-Szepaniak Dunal
Dr n. med.  Agnieszka Figas
Dr Magdalena Wieczorek
mgr Łukasz Kuryk
mgr Agnieszka Częścik
mgr Agnieszka Ciąćka


  1. Studies related to role of viruses in oncogenesis;
  2. investigations of significance of interferon alpha in viral infections;
  3. Molecular methods in testing of viral congenital and perinatal infections;
  4. Evaluation of usefulness of molecular methods in diagnostics of viral infections, especially of neuroinfections;
  5. National control of infectious titer of viral vaccines;
  6. Testing of antiviral activity of interferons;
  7. Investigation of viral susceptibility to inhibitors of replication;
  8. Testing of virucidal activity of chemical disinfectants and antiseptics.