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Laboratory of Biologically Active Compounds

Head of Department
Dr hab. n. med. Jolanta Solecka, prof. nadzw. NIZP-PZH

building C, Ist floor, room 124 and 125

Mgr Joanna Ziemska
Mgr inż. Aleksandra Rajnisz
Mgr Magdalena Postek
Mgr Adam Guśpiel


  • Searching for novel, natural and synthetic antibacterial compounds and β-lactamases inhibitors,
  • Submerged culture of Streptomyces and optimization of fermentation processes in 2 and 5 L fermenters,
  • Bioactive compounds purifying by different methods: SPE, chromatographic (HPLC) and others,
  • Determination of the structure of novel compounds (cooperation with Institute of Organic Chemistry Polish Academy of Science, National Medicines Institute, Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities),
  • Detection of:
    • DD-carboxypeptidase/transpeptidase inhibition,  including DD-peptidase 64-575, β-lactamases, esterases, proteases and glycosidases,
    • lignin peroxidases, manganese peroxidases, xylanases activities,
    • acetylcholinesterase, butyrylocholinesterase activites,
    • antioxidative properties,
    • antibacterial properties  (determination of MIC value),
    • genotoxic and hemolytic activities,
    • β-hematin formation inhibition,
    • leucine aminopeptidase inhibition.


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Fermenter Sartorius Stedim type BIOSTAT® A PLUS with two containers of the capacity of  2 and 5l, heating cover, cooler, temperature sensor, pH, pO2 sensor, foam sensor, peristaltic pump, compressor and the laptop DELL

HPLC sets

  • HPLC set with high-pressure gradient, KNAUER preparative software and fractions collector Foxy R1 (with 3 stands for probes with diameter 12 mm, with the capacity 1,5ml and for microplates)
  • HPLC set with low-pressure gradient  KNAUER comprising of Smartline Manager 5000 (degazer, low pressure gradient and interface), Smartline Pump 1000, DAD Smartline DAD 2600 190-520nm detector, stirring chamber and the ClarityChrom software (preparative version)

Spectrophotometric equipment:

FLUOstar Omega, BMG LABTECH- multi-mode microplate reader – including full UV/Vis absorbance spectrum and fluorometer

  • Spectrophotometer Jasco V-630 with Peltier Thermostatted Single Cell Holder

Aparature for microbiological and genetic research

  • Two Biological Safety Laminar Flow Cabinets class II (Biohazard)  Nuaire
  • Densitometer  BioMerieux

·         Shaker with incubation and cooling options ECOTRON type, INFORS AG, temperature range: from 10ºC under TR to 60ºC with 0,1ºC accuracy of measurement, shaking 30-550rpm, slope 25mm

  • Laboratory Incubators Poleco type ECO CLW-53 with the capacity of 56l, with temperature range from 5ºC over RT to70ºC.
  • Thermocycler Biorad PCR C1000 2×48 type with thermal gradient, temperature range 0-100ºC with the possibility to install optic detector to Real Time PCR
  • Dry Block Termostat
  • Aparature for horizontal electrophoresis
  • Fume cupboard Kӧttermann
  • Ultra Low Freezer Glacier Blue Nuaire

Additional equipment:

  • Rotary evaporator type IKA RV10 control V, with 3L water bath
  • Centrifuge Sigma 6-16K with cooling, max. rotational speed 15000rpm
  • Centrifuge Eppendorf type 5804
  • Centrifuge Eppendorf type MiniSpin, rotational speed 13400rpm
  • pH-meter Lab850 Schott with standard electrode and for small quantities of probes BlueLine 16pH
  • Magnetic stirrer IKA type RTC Basic
  • Laboratory Microbalance Sartorius Mechatronics type CPA225D – OCE, measuring range 1mg – 220g, accuracy of measurement 0,01mg and electrostatic gate Sartorius Mechatronics
  • Laboratory Balance Acculab
  • Aparature for water filtration MiliQ  Elga, Purelab® Classic Water Purification Unit
  • Laboratory washer Miele
  • Bath Circulator type ED-13M Julabo, with temperature range from 5°C under RT to 100ºC.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Polsonic type Sonic 6
  • Binocular Phase Microscope OPTA-TECH with epi-fluorescence module, Opta View 7 programme and camera 5MP
  • Christ Freeze Dryer, Alpha 1-4 LSC, Rotational Vacuum Concentrator