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Activity Didactical

Field of activity

Within teaching and educational activities, the National Influenza Center:

  1. gives lectures for medical environment and scientific societies,
  2. writes reviews, educational articles and popular-science articles,
  3. writes books,
  4. every year prepares, publishes and updates educational materials for physicians as „Influenza. Vaccination recommendations. Post-influenza complications” (in cooperation with Professor Andrzej F. Steciwko, President of the Polish Society of Family Medicine, Wrocław),
  5. every year prepares, publishes and updates book-brochure for physicians „Vaccinate yourself against influenza to avoid tragedy that happene3d to our grandparents!!!”,
  6. every year prepares, publishes and updates leaflets for patients „Influenza as the last uncontrolled plague of mankind”, containing answers the questions that are the most frequently asked by patients,
  7. performs practical laboratory training courses for laboratory staff of VSESs on laboratory methods regarding diagnostics of infections caused by influenza virus and other respiratory viruses and other issues related with the SENTINEL influenza surveillance,
  8. interviews for mass media (press, radio, TV)
  9. telephone consultations.

prof. dr hab. Lidia B. Brydak