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Health Promotion Unit

Head of Department
dr hab. n. med. Dorota Cianciara

dr Ewa Urban
dr Małgorzata Gajewska
mgr Maria Piotrowicz


  • The assessment of health promotion capacity in Poland
  • The analysis of the impact of social determinants on the nutritional behaviors among selected populations
  • Violence in the family, especially child abuse as a public health problem


  1. The Ministry of Health
  2. The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate
  3. World Health Organization
  4. Public Health in EU
  5. Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region
  6. National Food and Nutrition Institute
  7. Institute of Mother and Child
  8. Polish National Police
  9. Emergency for Violence Victims Blue Line
  10. Institute of Health Psychology
  11. Office for Foreign Aid Programs in Health Care