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Department of Education and Communication in Public Health

Head of Department
p.o. Mgr Magdalena Krysińska,
tel. 22 54 21 245, fax. 22 54 21 299
pokój 429 C


dr hab. Katarzyna Czabanowska
mgr Jolanta Muszyńska
dr n. o zdr. Katarzyna Domosławska- Żylińska
mgr Marlena Fronk

Lek.stom. Joanna Bulira- Pawełczyk
Lek.stom. Olga Cytrynowicz
Lek.stom. Patrycja Grzela
Lek.stom. Malwina Wasiak
Lek.stom. Agnieszka Wasiluk
Lek.stom. Maryna Romaniuk
Lek.stom. Katarzyna Oliwa-Dobieszewska


  • Organization of publilc health (for MD’s) and epidemiology (for MD’s and other – MA degree) specialization
  • Organization of indyvidual obligatory training in the field of public health specialization, epidemiology and advancement (indyvidual and collective) courses
  • Realisation of expertises and consultations (in epidemiology, gerontology fields) and study on information about trainings which leads the NIH in the field of public health
  • Participation in national and foreign research in the public health field
  • Scietific cooperation with the other govenmental and non-governmental organisations (e.g. scientific associations, research institutions, Universities of the Third Age)
  • International and national educational cooperation in the social field (e.g. ASPHER, ECDC, scientific associations, universities)


  1. The Ministry of Health
  2. The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate
  3. World Health Organization
  4. Public Health in EU
  5. Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region
  6. National Food and Nutrition Institute
  7. Institute of Health Psychology
  8. Healthy Ageing EU-funded project 2004-2007
  9. European Network for Action on Ageing and Physycal Activity