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Department of Economic and System Analysis

Head of Department
Aleksandra Czerw, Ph.D., Associate Professor


Building “C”, IV floor

Phone: +48 22 54 21 295
Room: 414

Dr n. med. Jarosław Fedorowski
Dr n. med. Mariusz Tarhoni
Mgr Dipl.-Kff. (Universität zu Köln) Elżbieta Buczak-Stec
Mgr Dorota Kiedik
Mgr Katarzyna Kwiatkowska
Mgr Olga Partyka
Mgr Karolina Hawryluk


The Department conducts extensive activities in the field of health care by preparing a series of tools for the Minister of Health in the field of evaluation of health policies. The department also helps public administration institutions, local government units and NGOs. Employees of the Department have been appointed as members of the regional councils for maps of health needs. In recent years, we organized several conferences devoted to maps of health needs and issues associated with the hospital, which attracted a lot of interest. It is planned to conduct training with the participation of experts.