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after. Manager
dr Jacek Postupolski

Building C, 1st floor, room 105

Contact person: Katarzyna Lubowiecka-Wilk
Phone: 22 54 21 314
Room: C 105


dr Elżbieta Maćkiw
MSc. Monika Mania
MSc. Marzena Pawlicka
MSc. Joanna Gajda-Wyrębek
MSc. Andrzej Starski
MSc. Jolanta Kurpińska-Jaworska
MSc. Małgorzata Szczęsna
MSc. Małgorzata Mazańska
Małgorzata Rebeniak, MA
Monika Stasiak, MA
mgr farm. Jolanta Jarecka
MA Joanna Kowalska
Katarzyna Kucharek, MA
Tomasz Szynal
techn. Urszula Karczewicz


The activities of the Department include issues of public health protection in the field of food safety, including materials and products for contact with food:

monitoring of biological and chemical risk factors,
expertise in risk assessment,
reference laboratory for chemical and microbiological pollution in food and food contact materials.


Proficiency tests


Application for the ZBŻ certificate
General information on health certificates
A list of documents necessary to issue a health certificate for metal, ceramic and glass products

Documents necessary to obtain a health certificate for disinfecting and washing-disinfection preparations
Health quality certificates for cosmetics and household chemistry

Price list

Sub units

Laboratory of the Food Safety Department
Laboratory of Food Microbiology
Laboratory for Contaminants Assessment of Harmful Elements
Laboratory of the Evaluation of Materials and Products for Contact with Food
Laboratory of Food Ingredients
Laboratory of Food Pollutants Assessment

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