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Dr Renata Matuszewska

Dr Adam Krogulski
tech. Teresa Mackiewicz


supporting the process and preventing health risks related to human exposure to microbial contamination of water and air,
substantive supervision over bacteriological laboratories of sanitary and epidemiological stations dealing with the detection and determination of microorganisms found in water and air (training, consultations, visits),
consultations on the effectiveness of the water disinfection methods used and the operation of ventilation and air-conditioning equipment,
development, adaptation and implementation of new methods of detection and determination of microorganisms in water and air,
assessment of the susceptibility of materials in contact with water to the formation of biological roots (test method in flow conditions),
development of a method for detection and determination of parasitic protozoa in water (Cryptosporidium oocysts and Giardia cysts),
giving opinions and participating in the creation of draft legal acts and standardization documents,
assessment of health risk related to microbial contamination of water and air,
issuing Hygiene Certificates for ventilation and air-conditioning devices and installations, biocides and biopreparations for the distribution of water, soil and sewage pollutants.

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