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The purpose of attestation

Attestation is aimed at preventing the introduction of materials and products that are dangerous for the health and life of residents to public use or limiting their acceptable scope and method of application in terms of eliminating health hazards. The relevant document – hygienic certificate is issued on the basis of documents and expert opinions covering:

the declared chemical composition of materials and products (the formulation of products is covered by professional secrecy by the certification body),
functional forms of the products and their technical descriptions, ranges and ways of their application in practice,
results of environmental impact tests in which they are to be applied – the scope of required tests of products is always determined by the certification body.

The range of certified products

Department of Environmental Health Safety PZH performs hygienic evaluation of the following groups of materials, products, preparations and devices:

finishing materials and construction products,
automotive industry products,
materials and products used in the home environment, in public facilities, service establishments, etc.
materials, coatings, products and devices for the treatment, storage and transport of drinking water, utility water, heating, flow and technological water, anti-corrosion coatings and preparations,
preparations for treatment and disinfection and water,
filters and other devices for cleaning tap water,
new devices and technologies used for water treatment,
water treatment and disinfection in swimming pools,
protecting and stabilizing water in garden tanks,
protection of soil and water against leachate from dumps and road constructions,
materials and preparations used for remediation of soil and water,
bacterial and enzymatic preparations for decomposition of organic compounds in wastewater, garbage dumps, etc.,
sanitizing and deodorizing preparations used in municipal management, preparations used in industrial technologies,
products and devices used in ventilation and air-conditioning installations,
fittings and sanitary and rehabilitation equipment in residential and public buildings. The PZH Department of Hygiene of Environment issues a hygienic certificate specifying the requirements to be met in order to avoid or significantly reduce the negative health effects. In the case of negative product evaluation, the certificate is not issued.

Note: Each hygienic certificate concerns only one manufacturer’s products, and is issued only for one applicant. The plant does not include one certificate of products of different producers due to the resulting inaccuracies in the interpretation of entries in the document.

In the Health Institute of the NIZP-PZH Health Institute issued by the Institute of Hygiene at the Manufacturer’s place, full data (address and name) of the actual producer of the certified product are given. In the case of a product originating from outside the EU, in the Atest in the place of Producer it is allowed to place a record – produced in … (name of the country) … for …. (name of the representative / distributor) …

One hygienic certificate concerns one preparation, material or article. It is acceptable to include one series of products with one hygiene certificate, as long as they do not differ essentially in the material composition.

The certificate is a certificate that the product submitted for evaluation, when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, does not adversely affect health and the environment.

Possession of hygienic certificate NIZP-PZH is an advantage in offers submitted in tenders, as well as an element used in marketing, and in the case of materials and products used for water treatment and distribution and the introduction of new technologies for its treatment, obtaining hygienic certificates is obligatory.

Expanding the scope of tests required to issue hygiene certificates for materials and products in contact with water intended for living. More information (pdf).
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