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Note: Each hygienic certificate concerns only one manufacturer’s products, and is issued only for one applicant. The plant does not include one certificate of products of different producers due to the resulting inaccuracies in the interpretation of entries in the document.

One hygienic certificate concerns one preparation, material or article. It is acceptable to include one series of products with one hygiene certificate, as long as they do not differ essentially in the material composition.

In order to register the application and obtain a hygiene certificate, the following information, documents, materials (samples) should be provided:

application for issuing a hygienic certificate (on the client’s company paper),
trade name of the material or product and its purpose and scope,
name and address of the producer of the product being assessed and the applicant,
chemical composition of qualitative and quantitative products (full chemical name of the substance),
types of microorganisms in biopreparations and a declaration confirmed by an independent laboratory that the preparation does not contain pathogenic microorganisms,
in the case of materials in contact with water intended for consumption, such as: pipes, fittings and tanks made of plastics and composites, membranes and rubber linings, it is necessary to present the results of susceptibility testing to microbial growth (biofilm) – read more (pdf)
in the case of disinfecting preparations, the results of tests of the effectiveness of the preparations at the recommended doses and time of contact,
in case of validation of rubber granules and sports surfaces – read more (pdf)
in the case of materials used in construction and furniture, read more (pdf)
legible safety data sheet (Safety Data Sheet, Sicherheitsdatenblatt) in English or German. In another case, the original language safety data sheets must be accompanied by a translation into Polish, certified by the applicant and a certificate or certificate of admission on the producer’s market,
design of a label or text of technical information or a leaflet attached to unit packaging of the product as an instruction for the buyers of the product (in Polish). For preparations containing substances hazardous to health, the label should be marked in accordance with the requirements contained in the Journal of Laws No. 173 item 1679, 2003,
The plant may ask for samples of products to be sent,
these samples should be produced no earlier than 3 months from the date of submission of the application and delivered to the Plant in the smallest original packaging:
■ about 0.2 m2, if they are in the form of plates, foil, etc.,
■ about 1 kg if they are in a loose or liquid form,
■ after 1 product, if they are in the form of technical devices, small-sized,
■ the samples provided may be damaged, incomplete, etc. during the necessary tests for attestation.
■ in special cases, the Department may waive the requirement to provide a sample.
For large items, please provide brochures, drawings with descriptions, photos, etc.
When submitting the application for a hygienic certificate, it should be indicated whether the client reserves the possibility of receiving the sample provided. All samples delivered to the Municipal Hygiene Department are stored for one month from the date of issue of the hygiene certificate, after which they are liquidated.
Materials and products, the use of which involves contact with water intended for consumption, requires migration tests confirming that they do not have a negative impact on the quality of the water in contact with it and its health safety. Such tests can be performed, among others, in some Laboratories of Voivodship Sanitary and Epidemiological Stations.
The plant also honors the results of testing products in contact with drinking water and foreign approvals issued by appropriate sanitary authorities authorized to certify products, eg (DVGW, KIWA, WRC, NSF), or test results issued by renowned scientific and research institutes such as: Pasteur or the Institute in Gelsenkirchen, as long as the scope of these tests is in accordance with the requirements of ZHŚ PZH,
proof of payment to the account of the National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene prepayment in the amount consistent with the current price list. The final cost is increased if the attestation concerns a larger number of materials and products or if laboratory tests have been carried out as part of the attestation,
NIP number, current contact details of the institution and directly the person responsible for contacts with PZH and the authorization to issue a VAT invoice without the recipient’s signature.

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