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What is eradication?

Eradication (eradication, eradication) – means a situation when there is no disease, no germ is found in the material collected from people, as well as in material collected from the environment. In principle, eradication should be talked about when the disease is liquidated around the world.

Features that should have a disease, so that it can be effectively eliminated and documented its eradication is:

  •  the germ reservoir and source of infection should be human;
  • there should be no asymptomatic infections;
  • there should be no germ carrier;
  • no environmental contamination with a given pathogenic agent;
  • should be at the disposal of a highly effective prophylactic agent, preferably in the form of a safe and effective vaccine.

How much does a poliomyelitis eradication program cost?

The Poliomyelitis Eradication Program turned out to be the most expensive but also one of the most effective programs for combating infectious diseases. The estimated cost of the program from 1988 to 2006 was US $ 4.5 billion. It is anticipated that another USD 415 million will be needed for the years 2007-2008.

Is there a need to continue vaccination against poliomyelitis since it is said that in Europe this disease was eradicated?

Yes. It is necessary to continue vaccination against poliomyelitis, because this disease is still present in some countries of Africa and Asia. Therefore, polioviruses can be dragged from these areas to countries where poliomyelitis has long been reported. In the absence of vaccination, the introduction of polyovirus could trigger epidemics. In addition, unvaccinated people going to countries with poliomyelitis would be particularly vulnerable.

Are there other measures to prevent poliomyelitis than vaccination?

No. The only preventive measure is to perform a full vaccination course provided in the vaccination calendar. So far, no drug has been developed which, if administered, could effectively combat polyviruses.

How long does resistance last after vaccination against poliomyelitis?

After the full course of vaccination provided for in the vaccination calendar, immunity is maintained until the end of life.

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