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Articles on the implementation of the program:

  • Eradiication of poliomyelitis in Poland – evaluation of the program implementation. M.Rosińska, P.Stefanoff, Z.Jarząbek [click here]
  • The final phase of the polimyelitis program implementation – other problems to be solved. Z.Jarząbek [click here]
  • Heine and Medina disease – children’s paralysis – poliomyelitis – polio. Flourishing and agony of the disease in the twentieth century. W.Magdzik [click here]
  • Treatment and eradication of poliomyelitis during the epidemic in the 1950s and later in the 20th century in Warsaw. M.Czachorowska [click here]

The role and research of the National Center for the Diagnosis of Infections with Polyimoi viruses accredited by the World Health Organization in the polio eradication program. Z.Jarząbek [click here]

Texts in two-week reports on infectious diseases, infections and poisonings in Poland:

  • Poliomyelitis eradication program. Current problems and recommendations of WHO. [click here] 
  • Progress in the implementation of poliomyelitis eradication program. Perspectives to stop transmission of wild strains in other countries. [click here]
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