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Epidemiological Review

  Published continuously since 1920, Przegląd EpidemiologicznyEpidemiological Review (ER) is a quarterly journal issued by the National Institute of Hygiene and since 1958 co-edited with the Polish Society of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases. ER publishes original articles, reviews and case reports in the  areas of epidemiology, preventing and controlling infectious diseases as well as clinical reports on infectious diseases, research papers on public health and history of these disciplines. In the “Epidemiological Chronicle”, a special section of ER, the reports on the epidemiological situation of infectious diseases in Poland are published. ER is designed to serve as a platform for an exchange of opinions and research results. Here the information on evaluation of books and journals is also included. Abstracts and full texts of published articles are available for free in the Polish version. Since 2013, they are also available in English as PDFs on ER website.
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